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Belarus will be free. Long live Belarus!
About us

Who are we

We are the citizens of Belarus, currently living in France. Patriots and admirers, we dream of our country to be truly free. To be the one where there are no political prisoners, where basic human rights are protected and laws exist not only in theory. The one where every citizen has a choice. We want for every person in the world to get to know Belarus, its beauty and culture.


What we do

Even from far away, we try to keep Belarus close to our hearts by supporting our people, organizing demonstration, creating petitions and sending letters to the politicians. We donate to fundraisers and send words of support to our countrymen. We discuss and share the latest news from Belarus, and most importantly - we always stay together.

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Why we do this

The former Belarusian president was in power for 26 years, and still tries to cling to it despite losing the presidential election in august 2020. All his political opponents are either in jail or were forced to flee the country. In Belarus all mass media and journalists are under constant pressure and control. Every Belarusian that has opinions different from the state has lost his or her job or imprisoned. Today the absolute majority of people fights to return the democracy in the country, and their solidarity had never been stronger. People are no more afraid, even despite the fact that governement's response to people's voices is violence, torture and murders of the innoncent.

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